Hey All,

Just a quick announcement...

I started putting this site and 50kUW.com together in the height of the pandemic and started building both site up through 2020. Since then, life has thrown several curve balls and I've been extremely busy and just haven't had enough time to keep these sites up to date. I've also barely had any time to hop on Zello and say hi to everyone. If you do see me pop up on Zello from time to time, I might only be on a family channel for a short time, or sometimes I even use it as a baby monitor lol

Anyway, I hope that either June or July will start to slow things down, and I can get on Zello and I'll have time to hop around all the channels and say hello to everyone. I also still need to find the time to officially launch the 50kUW channel and get the word out to new users.

For now, I hope that everyone's doing good and staying safe.