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11/28/2017 - by Spaceman433

My love for hip hop also gotten me into producing my own tracks, which I still do from time to time. My DJ name I go by is DJ UnEq (pronounced DJ Unique). I have old school roots, and I definitely have an old school sound.

Below you will find some stuff I've done over the years. By the way, if you like what you hear, you'll find even more at

Warning: Explicit Lyrics

If you are easily offended,

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yada yada yada...

DJ UnEq - We Can Do This (Full Album - 1997)

This is a collection of tracks I produced in the mid 1990's. Various artists from the Baltimore, MD area supplied their lyrical skills.

DJ UnEq - Can't Stop Won't Stop (Full Album - 2016)

This collection contains much newer tracks that I produced as well as remixes of tracks from other artists.

DJ UnEq - Alternative Versions & 4 Track Demos

This was also released in 2016 and has several remixes of tracks from the previous 2 albums, as well as demo versions of other tracks